at Horncastle Tennis Club

New Rusty Rackets courses get in touch!

Thursdays 6pm-7pm

☑️Newly Refurbished Courts🎾
☑️Friendly Atmosphere🎾
☑️Easy Online Court Booking system🎾
☑️Hitting wall if no partner
☑️Mini Courts for Family Fun🎾
☑️Reduced membership package🎾
☑️New adult coaching groups for beginners & rusty rackets starting in July🎾
☑️Cardio Tennis on Thursday evenings, Friday mornings and Saturday morning open to all🎾
☑️1-2-1 coaching lessons🎾

It's never been easier to #playyourway at Horncastle Tennis Club.🎾

👉Book a court here
👉Contact us through any of our social medias, contact page, email or call Karl on: 07876468840

👉Check out our coaching offers and get in touch

👉Look into our discounted membership deal

Play like no one’s watching. Hit like no one’s judging. However and wherever, just PLAY YOUR WAY. #PlayYourWay


Grab a racket, big or small, and get hitting. However and wherever, just PLAY YOUR WAY #PlayYourWay


Discover how you can play your way, with our group coaching and one-to-one lessons. #PlayYourWay

Our Instagram story (as shown below) gives you a little more insight into our club. Check it out below or in our #playyourway story highlights on our Instagram page.

Ready to start playing?

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